How to Plan a Trip to Argentina

By: Vero

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When to Travel to Argentina: Best Season

Many travelers recommend going in the fall or spring when you will not find a large influx of tourists.


What to Pack for Argentina?

Wear the ideal shoes, light clothing, warm clothing, and beachwear.  Buy a mosquito repellant lotion, too!


Requirements and Documentation to Travel to Argentina

Bring a passport, flight tickets, proof of funds, medical insurance, and visa (stay of over 90 days).

Flor amarilla
Hoja verde

Air Travel and Transfers in Buenos Aires

Subrayado garabateado blanco

Spend time researching for a good deal of flight tickets.

Renting a car in Argentina, allows you to have freedom and visit the most remote places.

How to Get Around Argentina


Where and How to Exchange Currency in Buenos Aires

Florida St with Corrientes Ave. is one of the most famous places to exchange money in Argentina.


In general, Argentina is a safe country.  In big cities like Buenos Aires, I recommend you carry your backpack or bags in front. Use common sense and don't brag about money or gear.

Is Argentina Safe?


Argentine Gastronomy

Savor Argentine delights: asado, picada, milanesas, wine from Mendoza, San Juan, and Cafayate. Also, empanadas, medialunas, dulce de leche and more!!!

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