Best of Venice in 2-Day Epic Itinerary

When to Visit Venice?

Venice offers attractions all year round, with off-season visits in September/October having shorter queues and lower prices. 

Summer offers sunny weather but higher costs and longer lines. The Venice Carnival takes place in February.

How to Get Around Venice?

– Getting around Venice is primarily done by water, like with Vaporettos for €7.50/ticket, water taxis, and gondolas.

– Exploring on foot is recommended to experience the atmosphere.

How to Stay Safe in Venice?

Venice is a safe city, with low risk for travelers, except for pickpockets. Avoid carrying too much cash and be cautious in tourist hotspots.

Day 1 – Piazza San Marco and Beyond

First stop - Piazza San Marco: Home to primary attractions, including St. Mark's Basilica.

Second stop - St. Mark's Basilica: A church with Byzantine architecture. Free to enter, with a small fee for the museum.

Optional Fourth Stop - St. Mark's Campanile: Huge bell tower offering panoramic views of Venice.

Fourth or Fifth Stop - The Waterfront and Beyond: Experience Venetian life, Gothic architecture, and the stunning waterfront.

Day 2 – The Grand Canal & Other Islands

First Stop - Visit Ponte di Rialto: An iconic bridge. An early start is advised.

Second Stop - Explore Venice islands: less touristic, try Murano or Burano or Lido beach.