How to Visit the Iguazu Falls in 4 days, Brazil & Argentina

Written by Vero

How to Get Around in Iguazu Falls

– Transport is important to consider when visiting Iguazu. – You will need transportation from the airport to your hotel and to the National Park.

- Scooters and transfers are available on the Argentinian side.

– Bus, taxi, and remis are options for transportation to the park on the Argentinian side. – You need a remis, taxi, guided tour, or rental car for the Brazilian side.

Puerto Iguazu relies on tourism income from the falls, with some mining and agriculture. The city center is well-maintained and tourist-friendly, with good treatment and affordable prices. Overall, I enjoyed it.

The Best of Iguazu Waterfalls in 4 days: Visit to Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls form the natural border between Brazil and Argentina. The falls can be viewed from both sides, each offering unique experiences. You can arrange transportation with an English-speaking guide from Puerto Iguazu.

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Iguazu Falls, the Argentinian side

La Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Gorge)

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Brazilian side: Parque de Iguaçú

Visit the Aripuca