How to Travel by Van to Morocco from Spain

By Vero

How to Arrive by Ferry to Morocco?

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How to Buy Your Ticket?

You must choose the port of departure, the port of arrival, and the date. Choose which boat and category you want to go on. The trip takes only 1.30 hours.

Ports of Departure from Spain and the UK to Morocco

– Algeciras, Spain – Tarifa, Spain – Gibraltar, UK

Ports of Arrival Morocco and Spain

– Ceuta, Spain – Tangier, Morocco

Arriving at the Port and Waiting 

Arrive two hours early at the port to check in. The wait can be long, so download a few chapters of your favorite series to make the wait more bearable.

Recommendations for Ferry Travel

– You are not allowed to take your pets with you on the ship – You can only go to your vehicle once you disembark. – Carry a backpack with snacks, water, money, a phone, and a charger.

Enter Morocco With Your Van

You will reach a large square with 2 signs: Moroccan and foreign vehicles. You must go to the foreign vehicle lane to complete the temporary registration of your car.

Vehicle Registration

This process is done simultaneously with the validation of your passport and stamp by the police and customs control of the van. Staff members usually speak French quite well and a little English.


– You are not allowed to bring a drone to Morocco. – Leave Spain with a full tank of fuel in your van. It can take about 30km to find a gas station.

Must-have Items To Carry In Your Van

1. Carry a passport and the insurance of the van. 2. Download Park4night to find places to sleep. 3. Bring water. 4. Bring water purifier tablets

5. Carry a puncture kit, inflator, and tools (just in case). 6. Bring a spare tire. 7. Buy a SIM card in Morocco. 8. Wear appropriate clothing. 9. Travel with two gas bottles. 10. Carry cash. 11 Bring a first aid kit.

13 Must-Visit Places in Morocco

– Asilah, on the Atlantic coast – Merzouga desert – Todra Valley – Essaouira – Chefchaouen Marrakech – Casablanca – Atlas Mountains – The Oasis of Skoura – Valley of Roses – Rabat – Meknes – Fes