10 Best Cities to Enjoy Christmas in Spain

by Vero - touristear.com

Círculo con líneas

Spain at Christmas time is synonymous with family, partying, and the hustle and bustle! The Spanish Christmas offer is full of attractions and events attracting thousands of tourists yearly. Do you want to know why many people choose this destination to fill these holidays with magic and illusion?

The city of Madrid has a variety of attractive shows and activities. It invites you to enjoy this festive and magical time of the year. These are some of the activities that can be found in different corners of your city.

Christmas in Malaga

Larios Street is the most famous in Malaga and one of the most expensive and exclusive in Spain. At Christmas time, it is internationally recognized for its spectacular decorations, which surprise and surpass itself year after year.

Visit Barcelona at Christmas

Christmas in Tenerife

In addition to being chosen for the excellent weather in the city of Tenerife during the Christmas season, this city is also full of famous Christmas celebrations.

Christmas in Mallorca, Spain

Spend your Christmas on the island of Mallorca and enjoy markets, shows, and its famous Three Kings parade.

Christmas in Valencia

Every year in Valencia is a great and continuous enjoyment of the Christmas celebrations traditions, with various options offered to the residents and visitors of the place.

Christmas in Cordoba

Cordoba is a city that seems frozen in time. Thanks to the centuries of history and cultures that have passed through it, it is rich in architectural monuments today. That is why Christmas in Cordoba is different from all the others.

Christmas in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Vitoria is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Spain. With a beautiful medieval historic center, dressed in festive attire at this time of the year.

Christmas in Vigo

Vigo boasts of being the city that kicks off the Christmas celebrations. This year, Spain’s most famous Christmas lights switch-on celebration will take place on November 19.

Christmas in Seville

Seville is a city with a lot of history and, therefore, a lot to visit and know.  According to the most popular legend, Seville was founded by the Tartessians.

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