Rosslyn Chapel Scotland: Things to Do and See

by Vero

Where Is Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland?

Located just 7 miles south of Edinburgh in the tranquil Roslin Glen, Rosslyn Chapel is a must-see destination on our itinerary.

Best Times To Visit Rosslyn Chapel

– Visit on a weekday to avoid crowds. – Opt for off-peak seasons like spring or autumn for pleasant weather and a more relaxed pace.

Arrive early in the morning or late afternoon for a quieter atmosphere. – Plan ahead and choose a less crowded time for a more enjoyable experience.

Take A Guided Tour Of Rosslyn Chapel 

A guided tour is preferred in Rosslyn Chapel to gain deeper insights into its history, legends, and intricate details, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Watch A Musical Or Concert At Rosslyn Chapel 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere and rich history of Rosslyn Chapel through concerts like "Harmony in Stone" concert series. Check their official website or social media for upcoming events.

Explore The Town Of Roslin

Browse artisanal goods at the Roslin General Store, admire handmade ceramics at Roslin Pottery, explore local history at the Roslin Bookshop, and discover Scottish crafts at The Crafty Wee Birdie Gift Shop. Embrace the town's ambiance and hospitality and support local businesses in Roslin.

Attend a Service or Event

Attending a service or event at Rosslyn Chapel is a highly recommended and memorable way to celebrate the holidays. From the uplifting voices during the carol concert to the solemnity of the Easter service, the atmosphere is awe-inspiring.

Find Quiet Spaces For Contemplation 

Lady Chapel: Located at the eastern end, it offers a serene atmosphere away from the main nave.

Crypt: Situated beneath the chapel, it provides a secluded and tranquil setting for deep reflection.

Go For A Walk At Rosslyn Glen Country Park

Explore scenic trails, discover waterfalls, and enjoy the lush greenery with all-terrain travel shoes. For more adventure, venture to Pentland Hills Regional Park for majestic peaks and breathtaking vistas.

How to Get to Rosslyn Chapel

By Car: Drive via the A701 or the A702 roads.By Bus: From Edinburgh, you can take bus number 37 from the city center, which stops near Rosslyn Chapel. It takes approximately 40 minutes.

By Tour: Tours often include transportation from major cities and provide informative commentary.

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