37 Best Things to Do in Tokyo

From Classic Tourist Attractions to the Latest Trendy Spots

Visiting Tokyo?

Visiting Tokyo? Looking for best things to do or places to visit in Tokyo now?? Tokyo is one of the most attractive cities in the world offering a tons of sightseeing attractions including historic monuments, unique museums, cool skyscraper and cultural experiences.

Shibuya Crossing: Take the Coolest Photos

Shibuya is known as Tokyo’s most trendy district and it’s home to Japanese youth culture. Numbers of large shopping malls, small boutiques, discount stores, bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants are located here. It’s a great area for shopping, dining and night-out.

Izakaya Alley: Get Tipsy like Locals

An izakaya is a traditional Japanese bar or gastropub known for offering a variety of drinks and Japanese snacks or dishes, often at affordable prices.


Tokyo's Senso-ji, not just popular by default, offers a unique atmosphere. Located at a shopping street's end with a recently renovated, second tallest five-story pagoda in Japan to the left. Visitors gather around a large cauldron with health-benefiting incense in front of the temple. For fewer crowds, arrive early. The site appeals to those interested in Japanese culture.

Gaze at/from Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, a long-standing symbol of the city, remains a beloved landmark despite the attention shift to Tokyo Skytree. It offers enjoyable views both from afar and from its own observation deck.

Visit a Maid Cafe

Akihabara, also known as Akiba, is a popular Tokyo district famous for its electronic goods and Otaku culture, including idols, gaming, anime, manga, and more.  It's a fascinating area for everyone, even those not particularly interested in Otaku culture.  A key attraction here is the Maid Cafes, which originated in Akihabara and evolved from an Otaku favorite to a top tourist spot in Tokyo.

Free City View at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building