How to Plan a Trip to Egypt: An Ultimate Guide

Why Should You Visit Egypt?

Egypt is home to the famous Pyramids of Giza and many incredible temples and history in all areas of the country.

What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Egypt

Spring is the best time to visit Egypt.

Embrace the Egyptian pound, utilize abundant ATMs, consider local SIM cards, remember tipping etiquette, dress for the desert, stay sun-safe and hydrated.

For Egypt travel, obtain an e-visa online (7 days before travel) or opt for a visa on arrival for European citizens. Both offer 30-day stays.

Obtaining a Visa for Egypt

Should You Take a Nile Cruise?

Absolutely, a Nile cruise is a must in Egypt. These 3 to 7-day journeys offer diverse options, from steamboats to luxurious vessels like Oberai, and budget-friendly choices. If short on time, explore Cairo and Luxor.

– Tops and tank tops – Shorts – Short dresses, miniskirts – Computer (for a tech break) – Expensive jewelry

What Not to Bring to Egypt

What to Bring to Egypt

Clothing: Comfortable modest wear, layers, swimwear, and suitable shoes. Electronics & Hygiene: Camera, chargers, toiletries, sunscreen, headphones, and medication.

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