Transform Your London Trip:  5 Incredible Experiences Only First-Timers Get

Where to Eat in London?

Budget-friendly option: Try Wetherspoons chain pubs with extensive menus and affordable prices, including a drink (£6-£11).

– Explore London's markets like Borough Market, Street Food Union, and Camden for diverse and affordable food options.

Where to See London from the Heights?

Explore various viewpoints in London alongside the iconic London Eye for breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

– Experience stunning views of London from The Shard, Europe's tallest building, with the entrance fee of £24.5 or free with the London Pass.

– For free entry, visit the Sky Garden. Make advance  reservation. Alternatively, enjoy a drink at the City Garden Bar.

Visit St Paul’s Cathedral or  British Museum

– St. Paul's Cathedral, a majestic English Baroque masterpiece, ranks as the third-largest Christian temple in Europe.  Admission is £18.

– The British Museum, among the world's oldest and third most visited museums, showcases diverse collections of  history, archaeology, ethnography, and art.

Tour Hyde Park, Notting Hill, and Camden Town

Hyde Park, London's vast green space, was expropriated by King Henry VIII in 1536. Speakers Corner hosts debates.

Notting Hill, a colorful and picturesque neighborhood, is famous for its Portobello Market and vibrant carnivals

Camden Town is famous for its market, alternative style, and vibrant music scene. Accessible by the Northern Line.

Head to the Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey

Tower Bridge, a symbol of London, is a Victorian drawbridge near the Tower of London. Visit its interior and nearby harbor.

Westminster Abbey, London's oldest temple, hosts coronations and houses tombs of monarchs and historical figures.

More Places to Visit in London

– From Oxford Circus, take a stroll down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, then Leicester Square, known for movie premieres, and end at lively Covent Garden.

– Experience the vibrant London's Chinatown in Soho, where you will feel like being in China and England. Explore its colorful streets and restaurants.

– Enjoy the Street Food Union on Rupert Street for a culinary adventure.

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