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Get Your JR Pass to Travel around Japan before the Price go Up

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What Is the Japan Rail (JR) Pass?

This pass is like magic because it lets you use lots of train lines, including the super-fast Shinkansen. If you plan to use the Shinkansen a lot, this pass is your ultimate rail travel buddy.

By October 2023, expect a 70% increase in the prices

Can I Buy a Japan Rail Pass?

The JR Pass is a special thing for people who are visiting Japan for a short time, like less than 3 months.

Where Can I Purchase a Japan Rail Pass?

There are many websites that sell JR Pass to tourists and locals. I suggest you, you buy it on a fiable web site like Klook.

Discovering Japan has never been easier! If you’re wondering how to use JR Pass for seamless exploration, you’re in the right place.

How to Use JR Pass in Japan?

Step 1 – Purchase the Pass: Before your Japan trip, order your JR Pass online. Step 2 – Exchange Voucher: After arriving in Japan, head to a JR Exchange Office. Show your JR Pass voucher and passport, and they’ll give you the real pass. Step 3 – Activate the Pass: Hand over your Exchange Order at a JR Exchange Counter. Pick a start date for your pass activation. You’ll find these counters at major JR Rail stations and airports. Step 4 – Hop On Any JR Transport: With your JR Pass, you’re ready to use JR trains, buses, ferries, and even the Shinkansen! Step 5 – Show and Go: Simply show your pass to the station staff at the ticket gate. No need for separate tickets.

Can You Go Anywhere with a Japan Rail Pass?

With a JR Pass, you can go to many places, including major cities, the countryside, and even islands. 

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