10 Best Cities to Enjoy Christmas in Spain

by Vero - touristear.com

Madrid transforms into a festive wonderland at Christmas, with dazzling lights and bustling markets like the iconic Plaza Mayor.  The city overflows with holiday cheer, the aroma of roasted chestnuts, and the melodies of carolers.  Traditional sweets and spirited gatherings fill the wintery air, capturing the holiday's merry essence in every corner.

Christmas in Malaga

During Christmas, Málaga sparkles with festive lights, particularly along the famous Calle Larios. The air is scented with roasted chestnuts, and markets bustle with holiday treats like turrón. Miniature nativity scenes adorn windows, while the mild weather encourages strolls by the lit-up port. Traditional flamenco rhythms add to the Andalusian Christmas charm, making the city a hub of yuletide warmth and celebration.

Barcelona at Christmas

Barcelona twinkles with Christmas lights and buzzes with holiday cheer in December. The Fira de Santa Llúcia market, with its festive stalls, sets the scene near the Gothic Cathedral, while the scent of roasted chestnuts fills the air. Traditional 'pessebres' and the unique 'Caga Tió' celebrations add to the local flavor. The city's mild winter weather makes the festive outdoor atmosphere all the more enjoyable, as historical landmarks stand grandly under the holiday lights.

Christmas in Tenerife

Christmas in Tenerife is warm and festive, with streets lined with twinkling lights and 'belénes' (nativity scenes). The island's holiday spirit is casual yet vibrant, as the mild climate allows for beach visits and outdoor concerts. Palm trees shimmer with decorations, and traditional Canarian flavors enrich the festive mood, offering a relaxed holiday experience with a local island twist.

Christmas in Mallorca

During Christmas, Mallorca transforms into a festive island with Palma’s streets adorned with sparkling lights and bustling markets. The scent of burning wood from traditional 'llar de foc' fireplaces and the taste of local 'ensaimada' pastries create a cozy holiday atmosphere. Seasonal melodies float from the island's historic churches, inviting locals and visitors to embrace the tranquil yet joyful Mallorcan Christmas spirit.

Christmas in Valencia

Every year in Valencia is a great and continuous enjoyment of the Christmas celebrations traditions, with various options offered to the residents and visitors of the place.

Christmas in Cordoba

Cordoba is a city that seems frozen in time.  Thanks to the centuries of history and cultures that have passed through it, it is rich in architectural monuments today. That is why Christmas in Cordoba is different from all the others.

Christmas in Vigo

Vigo boasts of being the city that kicks off the Christmas celebrations. This year, Spain’s most famous Christmas lights switch-on celebration will take place on November 19.

Christmas in Seville

Seville is a city with a lot of history and, therefore, a lot to visit and know.  According to the most popular legend, Seville was founded by the Tartessians.

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