The Best Views of Brooklyn Bridge at Night

By Vero

What’s so Magical About Brooklyn Bridge?

The bridge’s charm lies in its beauty, historical significance, and how the Brooklyn Bridge has been integrated into the culture over the years. It appeared in movies such as “Godzilla,” “Spiderman,” and “I am Legend.” It also has all kinds of anecdotes and urban legends, like the elephant Jumbo and the ghost of a woman.

What Cities Does It Connect to, And What Time Can You Walk Across It?

Built between 1870 and 1883, it connects two boroughs of New York City: Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to avoid crowds, we recommend not walking on the bridge during the morning and evening rush hours.

How to Get to Brooklyn Bridge?

Arriving from Manhattan: Take the 4, 5, or 6 New York subway lines and get off at the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station or the A or C line at the High Street-Brooklyn Bridge station.

Arriving from Brooklyn: Take the stairs at the corner of Prospect St and Prospect Ave. with Washington St.

Arriving by ferry: Take one of the NYC Ferries from the East River, stay at the Dumbo stop, and cross the bridge from Brooklyn.

Is Brooklyn Safe at Night?

They say the borough's south side is more dangerous than the north side. Another area of Brooklyn that was recommended to avoid is Brownsville.

The rest of the neighborhood is safe. Ask the locals where they recommend you to go and where it is better not to go at night.

Best Places to See the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

South Street Manhattan

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Stroll through Brooklyn Heights

Pebble Beach

Boat Cruise

From Rooftops Bars

The Best Viewpoints Overlooking Brooklyn Bridge

Granite Prospect Overlook

Jane’s Carousel

Fulton Ferry Landing

Best Things to Do in Brooklyn at Night

See a Show at the Barclays Center: If you are an NBA fan, you can take the opportunity to watch a Brooklyn Nets game.

Visit the Brooklyn Brewery: A craft brewery in the Williamsburg neighborhood with guided tours.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge: Strolling across the bridge at night, when illuminated, is a unique experience.

Best Things to Do in Brooklyn at Night

Enjoying the Nightlife in Williamsburg: A neighborhood known for having many nightclubs and bars.

Going to a Jazz Bar: Brooklyn has a vibrant jazz scene, with bars and clubs offering live performances.

The Best Night Tours of Brooklyn Bridge

Circle Line Cruise by Night: The boat passes within 100 feet of the Statue of Liberty, under the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges, and visits more places.

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