The Best Things to Do in Nuremberg, Germany

By Vero

What is the Best Time to Visit Nuremberg?

With lighter rain and cooler weather, you can head to the best destinations and do more things outdoors in York. 

The best time is during the winter season.

What Is Nuremberg Best Known For?

It is the second largest city in Bavaria and home to architectural wonders and art. 

Besides its glorious days today, the city also witnessed numerous Nazi activities.

Best Things to Do in Nuremberg Germany

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#2 Touch the Golden Ring at Schöner Brunnen 

Legends say turning the golden ring will make your wishes come true!

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#3 Learn Nazi History through Zeppelinfeld and Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Nuremberg witnessed several Nazi activities, from political to rallies. These destinations tell the stories.

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#4 Cross the Die Karlsbrücke 

The bridge was created to honor Emperor Charles VI and has two monuments, topped with a pigeon and an eagle.

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#5 Learn about Albrecht Dürer’s Life as Part of Your Nuremberg Germany Things to Do

Albrecht Dürer is a man of pure talent from painting to writing, but his name created more impact in the art scene through printmaking.

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#6 Tour inside the Imperial Castle Of Nuremberg

You can find medieval armor exhibitions, bejeweled gifts, artful interior panels, and the 50 meters deep well.

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#7 Discover Toys as Old as 600 Years 

#8 Explore Art and History at the Germanic National Museum

#9 Walk along Pegnitz River

The Pegnitz River divides Nuremberg into two towns called the Zebalderstadt and Lorenzstadt.

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#10 Shop at Nuremberg Main Market (Hauptmarkt)

The Hauptmarkt is the place to buy almost everything you need and is also surrounded by monuments.

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