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Broadway's Shows

Broadway is the street of the theaters, and here you will find a great variety of shows and musicals.

Three Types of Shows

There are three types of shows:  On-Broadway,  Off-Broadway,  and off-off-Broadway. You may be wondering what do these labels mean.

What Does it Mean?

It is actually related to the seating capacity. This means how many people enter the theatre seating.

Musicals and Shows  Off-off-Broadway

This category is used for small theaters with less than 99 seats. These types of shows are usually cheaper.

Off Broadway

These theaters are much larger and their capacity is usually less than 500 seats. Many shows that were born Off-Broadway made the jump to Broadway, for example, Hamilton.

Broadway Musicals

The capacity of these theaters is greater than 500 seats and they must be certified by “The Broadway League”, the trade association for the Broadway industry.

Most Important Shows on Broadway

The Lion King Aladdin The Phantom of the Opera Chicago Wicked

Where to Buy Tickets to See a Musical?

Buy your tickets in advance! All the shows are sold out weeks before. Also, it's recommended to buy cancellation insurance if your plans change.

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