Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp Memorial

By Vero

How To Get To Auschwitz From Krakow?

You can also go by bus. The ticket costs 14 zloty. Other options are by Blablacar and Uber.

The Visit To Auschwitz And Birkenau

Visiting Auschwitz is free if you do it on your own. If you want a guided tour to explain each place you see, the price differs for group and individual trips.

Entrance to Auschwitz

The visit takes place in an atmosphere of deep respect. The first poster we read accounts for the people sent to Auschwitz, namely, Jews, Gypsies, Soviet prisoners, and other ethnicities.

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Auschwitz Camp I

The main gate has an ironic message: “Arbeit Macht Frei,” which means “Work sets you free.” Their initial objective was not extermination but exploiting the prisoners as slaves and labor force.

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Auschwitz Block 11

Block 11 was the most feared because it was the camp’s dungeons. Disciplinary punishments took place here.

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In one of the blocks, you will see hundreds of photos of prisoners hanging, with their age, date of entry, and date of death. Most of the women I saw lasted between three and four months, and the men about 10 months.

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Block 11. The Beginning Of The Gas Chamber

It was in Block 11 where the experiments with Zyklon B gas were carried out.

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There is only one gas chamber left standing. You can enter, although out of respect for the thousands and thousands of lives lost there, you can’t talk. I was allowed to take a picture.

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Expansion For Extermination Birkenau. Field III

It is a much larger camp than the previous one. The railroad tracks ran directly into the camp. The trains, loaded with Jews, were stopped for sorting, and all their belongings and luggage were taken away.

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The sonderkommando were the special workers Jews. They decided to revolt and obtained explosives from female prisoners working in a weapons factory.

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