Círculo con líneas

Day 1 Los Angeles

Take your vehicle and don't miss the beaches, Beverly Hills and Hollywood!

Around 4 hours driving, 209 miles (336 km)

Feel the desrt around you...

Day 2 Los Angeles  to Amboy

Today we'll change the state from California to Arizona. The distance is around 143 miles (230 km).

Day 3 Amboy to  Kingman

Day 4 Kingman to Holbrook

Driving through Arizona... 239 miles (385 km) of canyon views!

Remember to dive into the local culture! We're in the Native Americans territory!

Day 5 Holbrook to Grants

Entering another state: New Mexico

Flecha garabateada

Day 7 Santa Rosa to Amarillo

We're half-way through! Today's journey is around 172 miles.

In Clinton visit the Route 66 Museum to learn about it's hisotry.

Day 8 Amarillo to Clinton

New state ahead: Oklahoma

Today a short trip of 160 miles.  It is not strange to be caught by a strorm and even, a tornado!

Day 9 Clinton to Bristow


Day 10 Bristow to Springfield

Leaving Oklahoma behind, getting to know Missouri.  Distance: 213 miles. A lot to visit today, so get up early!

Day 11 Springfield do St. Louis

You will cross this type of bridges

To end visiting a bit modern ones.

Day 12 St. Louis to Bloomington

Entering the last state of the trip: Illinois

Day 13 Bloomington to Chicago

The last day on the road, you can already see the scyscrappers in the distance...

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Day 14 Chicago

Have a good rest and go for Chicago! Check out the

Check everything you need to know before your trip!


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